New everything coming very soon. We are a little weird. You won’t find us on social media. We think variable fonts are magical. Our typefaces are not available through any vendors. And even our business model may seem suspiciously too good to be true (it’s not). We enjoy making fonts and want you to enjoy using them. Period.

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Etcetera Type Company LLC ✌

ETC Trispace

We’re happy to give away a variable font that we’ve actually been using on our website since we launched in October 2018. A lot of changes have been made to our site and the font since then, and as of today we are proud to make it available to everyone, for free. But let’s back up just a bit to explain Trispace.

ETC founder (me, Tyler Finck) made League Mono for The League of Moveable Type a few years ago. It’s cool and was updated to be variable. Back when we were putting materials together for this website, League Mono ended up being a solid fit. But we wanted to make some changes that would clash quite a bit from the original.

Quick comparison of ETC Trispace and League Mono

Lots of letters changed shape a little bit but the biggest update was leaving the monospace behind. MOST glyphs in ETC Trispace share the same width but we wanted to make the narrowest forms take up slightly less space (i, l, j, space, quotes, and a few others) and the widest forms take up slightly more space (M, m, W, w, Æ, æ, Œ, œ, @, and &). We did this to retain the feel of a monospace font but on a slightly more readable level. We also didn’t invent this concept, but if it is new to you, then great!

The heavier weights got a little thicker, a change that is reflected across almost every style. We thought about making a much more elaborate type sample page, but really, we’ve been using this font for 6 months, it’s all over our website, you’re literally experiencing it in action right now. The majority of text on our site is set with the variable WOFF2 version of ETC Trispace.

Other than that we encourage you to try it out, the tester is on our home page or you could fill out the form below and have it emailed to you directly. It’s free for commercial usages, that info is contained in the download. That said, this is a work in progress so having your email on record is a great way for us to let you know when an update is available. Also, we’re a font company, but we have this cool hat. You can support us through purchasing one! Enjoy 👍

*quick update*

ETC Trispace is down for the moment while we finalize a new update.