The short story here is that we love creating beautiful sets of letters. The bonus, of course, is putting them out into the world and seeing what you do with them.

Our mission might seem a little different. We’re not selling/licensing our work anywhere else, only on this site. Why? Well our terms (EULA) are a lot simpler and more flexible than they would be if you were to buy ETC fonts from a reseller. And we don’t want things to be complicated. It’s not that we don’t like those other places, we just think our way is easier, which in this case also means cheaper.

We keep our font families together. So instead of high priced single style options, you get a big deal on the entire package. What does that mean?

Our typefaces come in OTF and TTF formats for desktop installation (will work in your favorite design apps). We also include WOFF2 files of each style for webfonts that you can use on an unlimited number of domains you control. No subscription price, or page view limits, just make stuff. For variable fonts we have a TTF file you can use for desktop installation (which is very rad but might not work in your fave design apps – read this) and a woff2 for webfonts with a little intro and some CSS examples on how that works. We’re all about getting great fonts in your hands so you can make great stuff.

Etcerera Type Company is based in Ithaca, New York and was founded by Tyler Finck in 2018 after six years of self-releasing dozens of fonts and various commissioned type designs. Should you need to reach us we are, on Instagram and Twitter as @etceteratypeco.

The font for this site is set in our free ETC Trispace (not mono, no duo, but tri).

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